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Host Resources & Responsibilities

Preparing To Host Competition

1. Publicize and promote local competition by distributing:

  •  Newspaper advertisements

  •  PSAs

  •  Press releases

2. Locate and inventory all necessary materials:

  • Items needed to host the event

    • At least one kicking tee

    • At least two footballs (one peewee and one junior)

    • Awards (first, second and third place) for each group and for each individual skill event

    • Measuring tape(s) at least 300 feet in length

    • Stop Watch(es)

    • Pens/Pencils/Clipboards

    • Calculator

    • Towels

  • Items provided by PPKUSA through the website

    • Official PPKUSA Rules

    • Customized Participation Certificate

    • Official PPKUSA Scoresheets

    • Check-In Sheets and Results Sheets.

3. Confirm all volunteers.

4. Contact your to confirm where your qualifiers advance to.

5. Make copies of score sheets as needed for your competition from what PPKUSA sends you.


Day of Your Local Competition

1. Volunteers arrive at least 45 minutes before the competition starts,

2. Set up registration area – tables and chairs, check-in forms, clipboards, pens/pencils, and rules.

3. Set up lines for competition. Set out towels, measuring tapes, balls and tees. Two lines for every 100 participants are recommended with a minimum of six volunteers on each line.

Kids & Parents Arrival

1. Check-in each participant by verifying birth certificate and age group; have parent/guardian complete online registration if they are not on your list (two volunteers).

2. After checking in, participants are directed to the warm-up area.

3. After the participants have been welcomed, warmed-up in each skill and informed of the schedule of events, direct them to their assigned line and begin the competition.

4. Make sure the score sheets match the line each participant is in. SCORE SHEETS MUST BE LEGIBLE.

5. You either can have participants attempt their punts, passes and kicks at one time and be finished OR have participants go through the line and attempt each skill at one time. Be consistent and use one format for the entire day.

6. Keep the entire competition running as smoothly and quickly as possible without rushing the participants.


After Your Competition

1. Once the scores have been tabulated, make sure they are checked by two or more volunteers.

2. Awards (ribbons) are presented for each skill by age group from third to first announcing their scores and finally for overall results again by age group.

3. Once the award winners are determined for each skill and each group (there can be a maximum of 180 advancers ONLY), each should be informed they will receive notification from PPKUSA regarding the National Finals Competition.


Within 24 Hours of Competition

1. Submit advancers name and results and total numbers of participants to PP&K USA, Inc.

2. Make a copy of the qualifier’s information to keep for yourself and email ALL qualifier information and scores/results to PPKUSA.

3. We are looking to capture the total number of participants at each local event.

4. DO NOT DISPOSE OF ANY FORMS! Your competition will not be considered official if you do not submit your results prior to the next level of competition.

Public Relations

1. Distribution of all press releases to all local newspapers, radio stations, television stations, schools, council/park board members and community/civic groups as per the direction of PP&K USA, Inc.

2. Coordinate/arrange for public address announcements to be made at local schools’ athletic events, PTO/PTA and any applicable local events.


Media Materials

The materials on the pages that follow are for use in promoting and executing your PP&K USA, Inc. event.

  • Included are:

  • Whom to target

  • Fact sheet

  • Customizable pre-event press release

  • Customizable post-event press release

  • Local competition results

  • Tips on your local competition publicized on the radio

  • Radio do’s and don’ts

The following are people and organizations to which you may want to distribute information (releases, facts sheets, results, etc.) about your local PP&K USA, Inc. competition. Encourage them to come to the event! Television stations can interview kids, parents, and volunteers while getting excellent footage of participants giving it their all. Newspapers can send a photographer to get shots of the participants in action and may want to do a story on the winners. Radio stations are an excellent vehicle for publicizing the event ahead of time, as they are very community-oriented.

Local Newspapers 

Sports Desk

Feature Desk

Community Bulletin Board

Calendar Editor

Photo Assignment Editor

TV Stations


Feature Reporter

Kids Shows

News Assignment Editor

Community Bulletin Board

Display Promotional Flyer

Neighborhood Newspapers

Schools Local Magazines


Youth Groups

Health Clubs

Health Clubs

Community Centers

Recreation Centers and Parks

Merchant Association and Stores

Radio Stations

Sports Departments

Talk Shows

PSA Director

Community Bulletin Board

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